Saturday, January 12, 2013

Do you realize

You are beautiful.  I'm not talking about the inner beauty or anything like that.  You are pretty on the outside.  Your smile could prevent a war.  Now that I think of it you could possibly start war with it also.  Please use your beauty for good not evil.


Appreciate yourself.  Be confident and sure of yourself.  Don't be arrogant but instead know that whatever you do you're doing it because it's completely you.  All you can be is yourself.  It's a perfect outcome.  Our actions are never perfect, but we do them because of who we are.  The more appreciation you show for yourself the more you'll notice others appreciating you.  If you ever need noticed try to give someone else a compliment.  We all have a tendency to return.

We all age but it's up to you whether or not we get old.  Part of that sentence is bullshit.  At age 70 it might get too difficult to think young.   I think I'll need some help from the dark side ...cough heroin.

Just let go.  Deep breath in ..........and out.  Learn from the past but try not to have regrets.  Life goes too quick to give a care about the past.

You're full of life.  We limit ourselves by creating self engineered prisons.  Some of the prison was created by laws.  I can't take my pants off and go to McDonalds because it's a public place and I might get thrown in jail.  Then there are society's rules.  It's not polite to interrupt someone when they're talking for example.  Then there are the rules you make for yourself.  The rules we make for ourselves don't make us who we are.  They're fun to break.  I don't karaoke.  That's one of my rules.  When I break the karaoke rule I feal like a new person.  It's fun to escape every once in a while.

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