Friday, September 2, 2016

Pullover! No, it's a cardigan

I was stopped at a red light.  I looked to my right and noticed a cop on a motorcycle.  I then buckled my seatbelt because it's the law.  I wouldn't want to be unsafe.  The light was about to turn green and the cop flipped on his lights and raced through the red light.  It was a busy 3 lane highway!  I thought to myself ...damn, that takes guts.  He is on a motorcycle!  Other people driving at his right and left are in cars.  Then I thought he must be going after a bank robber or something.  I mean who does that on a motorcycle over a turning signal?  Well, turns out that guy did.  He must of wanted to die that morning. 

So, the light turned green and I moved in a forward direction towards the officer and the "offender".  He was trying to pull over the car, but they weren't moving over.  They slowed down.  There just wasn't anywhere to pull over.  It was a road with a curb.  If the "offender" stopped they would block traffic.  They progressed forward for maybe half a block and the cop got mad.  He drove up beside the car and pointed to the side of the road.  The car stopped and pulled to the side.  Now I'm pissed off.  The right side of the road is blocked and this cop parked his motorcycle right in the middle of the two lanes to run over to the car and get the woman out of the car.

Holy crap.  All of this over a turn signal.  When I drove by I saw a pissed off cop and a crying asian woman.  Was he just having a bad day? I wouldn't stop in a lane either.  I would have drove to a side street.

So, she didn't use her signal.  He ran through a red light.  He was impatient with her pulling over.  He parked in the middle of the road.  What an asshole.  They must put the dumb cops on motorcycles and real cops in a car.  If I had automatic windows I would have yelled "move your bike asshole", but they were manual and I couldn't get the window down fast enough and he didn't hear me yelling.  But seriously, what an asshole. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Burning the American flag in the middle of the national anthem

There's always some topic of the week that's got people on both sides upset.  People are mad about some NFL player not standing during the anthem this week.  Give me a fucking break. 

You think he should be fired for not standing during the anthem because soldiers gave their lives for his freedom?  You think he's ungrateful?  You think he hates America?  Here's a thought....maybe he was trying to make people think.  I don't care about what some athlete has to say.  They're probably not that intelligent just like the majority of the population. 

If you had an original thought rolling around in that head of yours you'd probably thought about not covering your heart during that song or maybe not removing your hat.  You know why?  It's strange.  If you've ever been to a sporting even you've seen the entire crowd of people take off their hats and stand quietly during the anthem.  Why do they do it?  They do it to show respect to the country. 

So, you're showing respect to every idea in the country or do you go somewhere in your head and pick out the ideas of the country that make you feel good?  The majority of people don't like the ideas being pushed by their government.  The same people mad at that NFL guy are upset at Obama.  If you don't like Obama or your government and you want it back don't stand during the anthem.  If you don't like America right now use your legs to show it.  Sit in your chair.  Chances are you're just standing with your hand over your heart because everyone else is doing it.  If that's you congratulations you robotic coward.  You have no idea why you're doing it you just want to blend in.  You honestly don't believe you have to do it do you?  What's the difference between saying "make America great again" and not standing during the anthem?

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

How can you have liberty if you're pledging your allegiance to the republic? Forcing people to recite that in school in a free nation is strange.

I think there's some factory pumping out memes to get the masses all worked up picking sides.  It's a way to get all the ants on one side or the other.  Cough, rush limbaugh, sean hannity, etc.  Talk about power hungry nationalists.  They'd sell America in a second for money or power.

So, do you believe in an idea?  Great!  Make your own meme or put it in your own words and stop this group think.  You aren't an ant. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Trump has a small hands

Who wants a president with a small dick?  I think my ideal president would have an average sized dick.  Someone who's dick represents the people it governs.  If the dick is too big, then the president will be an arrogant piece of shit.  If the dick is too small he'll probably be insecure and lash out at women and immigrants.

He acts like his dick is small and he is in denial over it.  It's ok to have a small dick, but you have to come to grasp with what god gave you.  If the hair on your head is missing then you aren't exactly bald.  You just have a bald spot.  You don't have to brush your hair over to cover up nature.  You can't comb over a dick.  You should be happy with what you have.  You're a half bald small dick'd billionaire.

Maybe the dick doesn't work...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hate like how I like to hate

First off.  Look at how happy she is!!  Isn't that great?  Mike is forcing a smile and pretending to care.

What if Kim Davis is a genius?  Maybe this was a complex plan to meet her one true love.  Stranger things have happened.

This is probably one of the greatest days of her life.  Look at how happy she is.  I wonder if she was that happy on any of her previous 4 marriages.

So, here's how I think she got to this moment.  She obviously watches fox news.  She was watching fox the day the SCOTUS came down the pipeline.  Hannity probably filled her head with anti-gay rhetoric.  Then a lightbulb went off in her brain.  She realized she has a tiny amount of power that she can use to help Hannity and Huckabee.

If she used that tiny amount of power maybe she could one day be on fox news with Hackabee.  All she needed was some gay people in her county to show up for marriage licenses and her plan would be on its way.  She sat quietly at work and kept her plan secret.  All day she waited for two men or two women to show up asking for a license and then BAM she'd meet Huckabee and maybe get married to him and have his baby. She waited all day and no one showed up.  She thought to herself how can I get some gays in here so I can piss them off and get on the news and then get Huckabee to impregnate me?

Her plan was simple.  She would just spread the news that she would deny licenses because of the SCOTOS thing.  That would piss off the liberal media and then they would talk about it and then gays would show up asking for licenses and then Fox news and then Huckabee twins.

So, she made up a story about how religious she is Leviticus 18:22 Leviticus 18:22 Leviticus 18:22.  She had to keep repeating that so she'd remember.  So, she's now super holy and loves the bible and the SCOTOS people hate the bible, but Huckabee loves the bible and pretty soon BAM Huckabee twins.

She wasn't thinking too much about the consequences and the legal problems involved, but after the word got out a miracle happened.  The Liberty Council called her.  Now, Kim Davis is kind of a simple person.  She doesn't like the fame that all this is bringing her.  She also doesn't like the legal ramifications of her decisions.  She might go to jail for not obeying the law, but the Liberty Council loves attention and they love law because they're a law firm.  A law firm and a hate group.  They wrapped Kim Davis in a protective shell of their biblical law.  It's kind of like sharia law, but for Christians.

So, the liberty council couldn't protect her and she went to jail.  She got back out of jail and then Huckabee told the media he'd take her place.  He whispered in her ear "I like the way you hate like how I like to hate".  He again said that he'd take her place as long as his hate filled delicate flower didn't have to go back to jail.  Her plan is nearly complete.  All they need now is a quiet room together and then know the rest.

Friday, July 31, 2015

The smell of my car keys

My car keys smell bad.  It's like morning breath embedded in metal.  Imagine if a dog was drenched in orange juice and ran through a lithium mine.


Control is a thing.  It's real and it's imaginary.  I can control the temperature inside my house.  I can't control the temperature outside.  I can control the temperature anywhere inside my mind.  That doesn't make it real.  What is real?  The thermometer might say 33 Celcius, but that's relative to what we know.

Resonance occurs when some object is moving back and forth to the frequency it wants to move back and forth to naturally.  If you take that object that likes a certain frequency and connect it to another object it changes it's frequency to a midpoint between it and the object.  Isn't that true of life?  We all have thoughts and opinions and we all like our own thoughts and opinions.

I could draw a perfect circle and no one would care.

Go to a rock concert and the lead singer can get the crowd to chant almost anything.

ill finish this thought later

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Nuke the Rain

I'm writing this after listening to a Glenn Beck program.  He was talking about the Jessi Ventura lawsuit.

It's amazing how two different groups of people perceive things differently.

On one side there's Chris Kyle.  Chris is known as America's deadliest sniper.  He killed 160+ terrorists in Iraq.  These are confirmed kills.  He served his country well and is a great American.

On the other side there's Jessi Ventura.  He's an ex navy seal.  He was a governor.  He is an outspoken independent and doesn't trust government.  He voices his opinions against the Iraq war and especially against the administration.

So Chris Kyle wrote a book.  There was a piece of the book that talked about a fight between himself and Jessi Ventura.  In the book he wrote that he knocked Ventura down after Ventura said that America deserves to lose a few in battle.  Chris Kyle said the went down and then Chris ran off before the cops arrived.

No matter whos side you're on that shit didn't happen.  Ventura was 60 years old at the time and would have had a black eye for a month.  There were no witnesses.  The cops didn't show up.  Ventura was seen the next day without a black eye.

So, Ventura sued Kyle.  The jury awarded him close to 2 million bucks.  Kyle was dead at the time so the money came from his estate.  Actually it came from the insurance company of the book publisher.

I'm reading comments on the situation and it's either one extreme or the other.  Jessi is a coward who sued the widow or Jessi is a hero who just wanted to clear his name.

You have to understand that Jessi Ventura is an outspoken political guy and there are a lot of republicans who don't like him.  Chris Kyle went on fox news and told the world that Jessi Ventura said we deserved to lose a few.  That probably pissed a lot of people off.

Words are powerful when they reach so many people.