Saturday, July 19, 2014


Be a good man.  
Treat women with respect.  
Hold 3 steps above.  

Love and ownership
Left broken and hated
Time and pain

Love sans ownership
begets pain
Live love and be happy

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thich Quang Duc

I've been thinking about this subject for a while!  It's sub-human.  It's honerable and horrible at the same time.  What Thich Quang Duc did is so incredible I don't think I can explain it.

So he kneeled and meditated quietly while a fellow monk emptied 5 gallons of gas over him.  He was meditating on a busy intersection in Vietnam and sat perfectly still.   The cold gasoline made it's way down his head to the ground he knelt on.  The cold would soon be turned into extreme heat and torture.  He sat still and prayed until the flames took him.  He didn't move.  He sat there until he burned to death without saying a word.

He burned himself to death in the hopes that a message would be understood by his government.
Think about that for a minute.  This guy sat in harmony during the most horrible torture possible.  He volunteered for the torture.  He martyred himself because of an idea.

The power of the human mind and spirit is unmeasurable.  We're are taught the opposite.  Have mind pain?  take tylenol to get rid of it.  Need a cavity filled?   We'll have to numb the whole jaw.  Imagine not being able to breathe because the smoke from your burning flesh is fogging the air.  That's pain.

I'm don't think we're getting weaker.  I just think that maybe we're taught that pain is bad.  Pain is something we should never encounter.  If it hurts there's something wrong.  Maybe it hurts because it should hurt.  Maybe we should embrace the pain in order to accept it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

into the void

Free of Reason
Waiting and Knowing

Void of Prejudice
Falling from Nothing
Returning all that was Given
Parting of the Sensory
Neither pain nor Pleasure
The greatest Given

there's some truth in there somewhere

Friday, January 25, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013


I started laughing uncontrollably over this little clip.  Now I'm writing about the spice weasel.  BAM!  haha, help me.  You might think I'm nuts but this is one of the most complex jokes ever.  If you don't laugh at the clip you might not be able to laugh at anything.

BAM, let me break it down for you and suck all the fun out of it.  That weasel was just laying by the stove like a kitchen utensil.  Why doesn't he run away.  By the look in his eyes he's obviously scared and kind of shocked at what the chef is doing that to him. That thing just sits still until the alien cook needs some spice.

What human would eat something squeezed from  a live weasel.  They're making fun of all of us.  Maybe not the vegans.  

That alien acts just like chef Emeril who isn't a bad guy.  He wouldn't hurt an animal on tv. 

Why is the spice coming from the nose of the weasel.  If anything it should be coming out the other end.  Maybe the producers of Futurama wouldn't allow them to show the spice coming from the rear.

That weasel isn't even clean.  The chef wipes his hands clean then grabs the weasel.  Why would he wipe his hands clean just to grab a dirty weasel?

He squeezes that animal pretty hard which isn't funny if you love animals but it's funny because no one in the audience cares.  He uses three hands to grab it and squeeze.  They actually love it happening.

Bender the robot doesn't have any sense of taste but he loves it when the chef adds some spice to the pot.  He wants him to knock it up another notch.  How can you show interest in something that you can't sense?

Maybe I'm just sleep deprived or something.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Raise your weapon

Psycho kills kids.  People panic.  Leaders makes laws.  People panic more.

My father works at a company that produces bullets.  I live in a state where 90% of people own guns.  These people equate guns to security and freedom.  They don't equate guns to death and tragedy.  It all depends on who you are.  If you're from a farm and you own a gun to hunt and scare off people raising havoc on your land late at night then it's a tool.  If you're from the inner city and you own a gun to protect your family from crooks, drug dealers, and bad people then it's a way to kill people.  Chances are the person you're pulling the gun on will pull one back and you'll be forced to shoot.

Though shalt not kill except in times of war or self defense or to protect your family... No, though shalt not kill.  People are stupid. We kill each other with cars, knives, bats, drugs, and millions of other things.  But, on the other hand if you make it easier to kill someone then they will.  Guns make it easy to kill someone.  Bombs aren't legal because they kill even easier.  If bombs were legal then we wouldn't have enough people to make our bullets.  It might be difficult to come up with bomb makers and then we'd be in real trouble.

So, the powers that be make some rules.  They made the rules because the panicked people demanded rules and to leave the rules alone.  If in doubt pass a few small rules so it might please someone.

After the little rules were passed the gun lovers go crazy saying the feds are taking away their rights.  I have a right to a 30 round clip and enough ammunition to arm a small city.  These people are right.  I think they're right.  I'm probably wrong because I live in a gun loving state.  I own a gun and I don't want someone telling me I can't have it.  It's mine!

It's a choice.  I currently have a choice to own a 30 round clip.  I have power.  I can use the power for good or evil.  It's mine.  It's a selfish thing to grab ahold of an idea and claim it.  History is filled with people fighting for their ideas.  They fought over an idea and people lost their lives

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Do you realize

You are beautiful.  I'm not talking about the inner beauty or anything like that.  You are pretty on the outside.  Your smile could prevent a war.  Now that I think of it you could possibly start war with it also.  Please use your beauty for good not evil.


Appreciate yourself.  Be confident and sure of yourself.  Don't be arrogant but instead know that whatever you do you're doing it because it's completely you.  All you can be is yourself.  It's a perfect outcome.  Our actions are never perfect, but we do them because of who we are.  The more appreciation you show for yourself the more you'll notice others appreciating you.  If you ever need noticed try to give someone else a compliment.  We all have a tendency to return.

We all age but it's up to you whether or not we get old.  Part of that sentence is bullshit.  At age 70 it might get too difficult to think young.   I think I'll need some help from the dark side ...cough heroin.

Just let go.  Deep breath in ..........and out.  Learn from the past but try not to have regrets.  Life goes too quick to give a care about the past.

You're full of life.  We limit ourselves by creating self engineered prisons.  Some of the prison was created by laws.  I can't take my pants off and go to McDonalds because it's a public place and I might get thrown in jail.  Then there are society's rules.  It's not polite to interrupt someone when they're talking for example.  Then there are the rules you make for yourself.  The rules we make for ourselves don't make us who we are.  They're fun to break.  I don't karaoke.  That's one of my rules.  When I break the karaoke rule I feal like a new person.  It's fun to escape every once in a while.