Friday, November 9, 2012

The Racist

My neighbor is dying of cancer.  It's terrible.  He has had chemotherapy and radiation for over 2 years.  The doctors finally gave up, but he hasn't.  Two weeks ago I saw him sitting on his deck wearing a superman t-shirt.  It's his way of saying fuck you cancer.  He's a terribly hard working guy.  I always see him in his yard working.  He is now 60 pounds and in a wheel chair.  He needs an oxygen tank.  I saw him drive by on his electric wheel chair and I followed him to his garage.  He looked terrible.  His favorite hat looks 2 sizes too big because he's so thin.  He asked me to pick up a shovel for him and reaching for the shovel I asked "so, election's over who did you vote for?".  He responded angrily "not the n*gger"

I didn't feel sorry for him till that moment.  I looked in his dying eyes and realized how pathetic he was.  I respected him for being a hard worker and family man.  He raised 3 daughters and owns two small businesses.  I lost all respect for him when he said that word.

The day after he said that I was still processing what he said.  I don't know if he's a racist or not.  He's just mad Mitt lost. I haven't heard him use that word before and probably never will again.  Mitt and my neighbor share something in common.  This is last election for both of them.

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